Who We Are

Quickly becoming a market leader in the food packaging and cleaning supplies industry within Australia, servicing clients across Sydney, Canberra and the Sunshine Coast

Skybird Group has been operating in our Punchbowl showroom in Sydney, Australia for over 20 years. Since then, we have expanded to Revesby (our warehouse head office) and a further showroom at Eastwood. We sell a wide variety of disposable food packaging products including take-away containers to coffee cups, as well as many different types of chemical cleaning products and equipment for your everyday to heavy duty accidents.

We are proud to have gained so many loyal customers over the years and hope to continue to do our utmost best at serving small local restaurants and cafes, to larger established businesses in the Sydney metropolitan area, spanning from the Northern Beaches to as south as the Illawara. 

The Skybird team 


Key Values

Integrity – We strive to do what we promise in a consistent, honest and respectful manner.

PASSION – Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance & having fun while doing the job.

INITIATIVE & INNOVATION – Encouraging ideas & focusing on adding value to our customers.

LEADERSHIP – We encourage all of our staff to make decisions and apply their knowledge and expertise to all tasks. We will do this by:

  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Bein independent, open-minded and enthusiastic
  • Constantly developing & challenging our people
  • Communicating consistently & regularly 
  • Being open to our customers & employees to see how and why we do things
  • Building strong reams

SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT – 100% commitment to the safety of our people, our customers, the public and the environment.